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The first place you walk into when you come to Fox Brewing is The Tap Room. Our bartenders and staff are awaiting your arrival to help guide you through our malted and hopped up imagination. We always have 8 beers rotating throughout the year available seasonally according to our creative desires. Stop in for a pint or try a beer sampler. It's your game.


Wed. + Thurs  /  4PM - 10PM

Friday  /  4PM - 11PM

Saturday  /  Noon - 11PM

Sunday  /  Noon - 7PM



5oz tasters, 12oz pints, 32oz growlers & 64oz growlers

Vampire Weekend

Blood Orange IPA

Perfect for brunching, our blood orange India pale ale has a rich orange zest character matched by the bitterness of bright, citrus hops.

ABV 6.1%  /  IBU 54





Foxtoberfest is a beer with a rich, German malt aroma coming from the Munich and Vienna malts. It has a light toasted aroma with a soft, but complex, malty flavor balanced by Liberty hops. It has a medium body with a gentle creaminess.

ABV 5.1%  /  IBU 17



The ClusterFüchs is a traditional, German hefeweizen. The name of this easy-drinking beer comes from the German translation of the word "Fox," which comes out to be Füchs. It also features Liberty hops, as well as just enough Cluster hops to make for a fun name. It pours with a straw color and a thick, white head. The Bavarian yeast used in fermentation gives lends hints of banana flavors and aromas while the Pilsner malt and wheat make this an exceptionally easy-drinking beer.


ABV 5.4%  /  IBU 18



Arctic Breakfast

Vanilla & Almond Oatmeal Brown Ale

The Arctic Breakfast is a smooth, velvety beer brewed with flaked quick oats, chocolate and roast barley, as well as the notoriously bready, delicious Golden Promise malt grown in Scotland. Those smooth malts go perfectly with the flavor of real almonds used during the boil. After fermentation the Arctic Breakfast is then aged over vanilla beans in the conditioning vessel.

ABV 5.8%  /  IBU 13


hard cider

This hard cider begins in the Deal family orchard, where apples are hand picked and pressed into cider. It is made from 100% juice, never watered down or combined with concentrate. The fresh cider is then fermented using yeast to convert the sugar to alcohol. After fermentation, it is kegged or hand bottled on site in small batches.

ABV 6.9%  /  IBU 0

Fox Tail

Irish Red Ale

This beer features a deep amber color and pours with a white head. It features an aroma with a balance of roasted and caramel notes and finishes smooth to make an extremely drinkable traditional Irish brew.

ABV 5.8%  /  IBU 17


Strange Brew

Coffee Pale Ale

A Pale Ale brewed Amarillo and Citra hops, the we cold-brewed coffee from Blk&Bold directly in to the batch which adds a roasted coffee note. It comes out surprisingly light for a coffee beer. 

ABV 5.5%  /  IBU 52

The Left Tap

Blackberry & Cranberry Hard Seltzer

We make our hard seltzer in house from a blend of cane sugar and dextrose (corn sugar) which we then blend with a variety of juices and purees to get fresh, refreshing flavors. Perfect for bikers coming in off the trail.  

ABV 5.0%  /  IBU 0



The Fox Brewing Tap Room features plenty of lounge space with easy access to a bartender to pour your favorite craft beer during your celebration. If you book the Tap Room you also have access to the entire brewery including The Mezzanine and The Brewery Floor so your guests can spend all the time they want playing with all the things.

The Tap Room is available for event rentals if you are interested. We require no rental fee but charge a $100/hr bar minimum plus gratuity to take care of our bartenders while they take care of you. The Tap Room is only available for rental outside of our business hours. Interested?

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